Chelsea Carol

    About The Artist
    Chelsea Carol

    Chelsea is a lifelong painter with a deep passion for the creative process. She received her BA in Fine Art painting from Hofstra University in 2005. Chelsea established Painted Treasures by Chelsea in 2011 after what started off as a side gig, painting + upcycling furniture, quickly grew into a full time career. As Chelsea’s creative exploration and skillset evolved, so did her range of artistic goods and services (see PAST SERVICES PORTFOLIO).

    Currently Chelsea’s focus is on creating original paintings, murals and brick transformations Her unique, colorful style combines elements of pop art + abstract expressionism, bringing a contagious energy as she meticoulously captures the inspiring spirit of her subjects. Elements from the faux finishes Chelsea spent the first 10 years of her career specializing in can always be found within her paintings; adding additional layers of depth and visual intrigue to her signature style.

    Chelsea’s immense gratitude for building a career doing what she loves propelled her to launch the Fallen Feather Project in 2017. She selects one recipient monthly to create a custom item for, aiming to bring comfort and healing to those afflicted with illness or loss by tapping into art’s profound ability to move and heal (see FALLEN FEATHER PROJECT).