The Three Amigos - 3 Lever Actions Painting
The Three Amigos - 3 Lever Actions Painting
The Three Amigos - 3 Lever Actions Painting
The Three Amigos - 3 Lever Actions Painting
The Three Amigos - 3 Lever Actions Painting
The Three Amigos - 3 Lever Actions Painting
The Three Amigos - 3 Lever Actions Painting
The Three Amigos - 3 Lever Actions Painting

The Three Amigos - 3 Lever Actions Painting

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Make A Statement In Any Room

This piece of art is sure to make a bold statement in any room it is displayed in. Its unique and intricate design is sure to catch the eye of anyone who enters the room, making it the focal point of the space. Whether it's hanging in a living room, bedroom, or office, this piece will be a bold statement of freedom and the Second Amendment! It's sure to be a conversation starter and leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.

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Sizing Guide (2x3 Inch Aspect Ratio)

About The Artist

Dan Burr

I come from a family of artists, so I have always been exposed to the process of making art. I eventually went on to study art and illustration at Utah State University where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree then, some years later, a Masters Degree from Syracuse University, both in Illustration.

Making a painting for me is magical, Whether I'm painting a fisherman in his favorite stream or a small child reading about pirates digging for treasure, It's all about designing and communicating a good narrative. Painting is what I do; it comes as natural to me as walking. I am very grateful for the ability to paint and create images that mean something to the viewer. 

Over my 33 year career as an illustrator,  I've won a few awards and accolades in the publishing industry. I also taught illustration classes for 20+ years at BYUI. If I’m not working on a project or fishing, I can usually be found puttering around the house or in the boat shed working on one of the wooden drift boats that seem to always need attention.